Hearty welcome to Beula Matriculation Higher Secondary School Valparai. A Sui Generis  with the story of the soul of Sister Beula  spanning over a period of 35 years, focusing on Tea-children of Valparai and  their English Education which had been far behind their  reach. Endue them with quality English and Compu Education and to make them remain firm on their own foot has been the song of Beula Family. Our greatest strength lies in our commitment to Tea community on Valparai Hills – the crafting together by a wider vision.


          From the inception in 1984 as a self-financed private English medium school,   our many milestones include many numbers of ‘ Firsts’ in all respects of academic achievements  and the status as first Government recognised English Medium Hr. Sec.School having classes K.G. to Std XII in a single campus in the year 2007.




                This School was established  on the 6th of June 1984 with a single teacher and nine students by BEULA BROTHERS (R. Moses Christian, B.A., B.Ed., R.Justin Solomon M.Sc.,B.Ed.,CAIIB, Dr.R.Mathin Henry M.A.,B.D.,M.Ed.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.(EDN.) and it  had it’s status as the first private English Medium School for the Tea- children of Valparai. Even though the lion portion of Valparai Hills is occupied by the  well known companies of our Nation viz., Tata-Tea, BBTC, Parry Agro, PKT, Hidustan Leavers, etc., none of these companies came forward to give English Education to the Tea-children, whose parents were either third or fourth order of strata (Strata I-Managers and Assistant Managers; Strata II-Office Staff ad Field Staff; Strata III- Supervisors and the Strata IV-labourers or tea leaf pluckers)    as per British hierarchy. Prior to the establishment of BEULA, the children were naturally  built to live with parents plucking tea leaves when they were 13 years.

               In this context, the Beula Brothers put in deeply to establish the school for the welfare of the Tea-children of Valparai. A Charitable Trust was registered in the name - Felicy Amma Charitable Trust ( FACT TRUST ) and it started to spread its wings in the parlance of Education. It attained its status as a recognized School in the year 1992  under the principal-ship of  Dr.Rv.Mathin Henry and now , the school has attained its status as a recognized Matriculation Hr.Sec.School, educating around 850 students and it gives completely free education for about 50 children who belong to very poor family.



Our principal, Dr. Rv. Mathin Henry very Often says,

“The spirit of learning makes learning enjoyable and if it is made enjoyable, learning becomes an ongoing   
process.”And this philosophy has paid off and we could see our graduates  shining in various fields aside  from growing into well developed and well adjusted  world citizens, consistently  achieve Higher order of results in all respective fields of their entry recording justice to the Moto of the  institution “Educate to Achieve”.


Beula Matriculation School is a self-financed private educational institution aims at providing high  quality English Education to the Tea-children of Valparai:   Parents wish for their children, teachers prefer for their students, society exepects from every individual, the State,the Nation and the Global community is proud  of, finally caters to achieve.


Thanks to my grandfather’s younger brothers Sri.S.MOSES  M.A.,M.A., L.T.(Rtd., CHIEF EDUCATIONAL OFFICER,  THIRUVANANTHAPURAM 1970 )

Vidhvan Sri.S.PERINBAMUTHOO  B.A.,M.Ed.,D.P.Ed. (RTd. CHIEF EDUCATIONAL OFFICER – MADURAI -1972) who have been our role models in the process of carrying out the dream of Beula in Valparai.


The dream of Beula has come true today by the sacrifice of my brother, Dr.Rv.Mathin Henry, the moral support extended by Justin and Sujaya Justin M.Sc., B.Ed., Austin and Amala Austin, the co-ordination and co-operation of Ms.Rebecca Moses, M.A.B.Ed., Ms.Priya Henry M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Phil., and the Team work of the committed and dedicated Teachers of Beula, the wonderful support of the public of Valparai and the full support given by our dear friends,relatives and parents.

 The school’s  academic program is set as prescribed by the Tamil Nadu State Government.